Boarding at Hay Creek Kennel is a unique, worry-free experience. Unlike traditional “dog boarding” facilities, HCK believes that kennel time should be limited to feeding and sleeping. At HCK your dog will have access to a completely enclosed 40-acre dog park.


Dogs Love to be part of a pack…

By being able to run and play in the pack with other dogs in a safe environment, this will enhance social behaviors, respect and instill pecking order.

Hay Creek Kennel hasn’t forgotten about our smaller friends and seniors. Over the past few years the need for boarding family dogs of all shapes, sizes, and breeds has risen. HCK is happy to provide you with your boarding needs. Many of our smaller or more senior guests have moved into our home and our hearts.

We want your dog to have the best experience possible when boarding. This means we have the highest quality kennels, which we clean meticulously. We provide the highest quality food (if needed) and we give the attention that your dog needs.



Proof of vaccination required.