We've been bringing our GSPs to Hay Creek for several years. The dogs are excited to arrive because they know they get to work and they love it! People who hunt with us and our dogs tell us how well trained they are, and the credit really goes to Sonny and Hay Creek Kennels.

-Cindy M.

Hay Creek Kennel is the finest training and boarding kennel in the mid-west. Sonny is a premier dog trainer and understands dog behavior like nobody else in the business. If you are looking to get greatest potential out of your dog, no matter the breed, look no further than Hay Creek Kennel!

- George L.

Just picked my dog Chance, a Brittany Spaniel up from Hay Creek Kennels after he was there for training for a month, well I could not believe how well he had been trained in such a short time, he would now heel whereas before he would just do his own thing, he had been out of control. He would now respond to my body language, without me saying a word. I used to holler at him to no avail. What a joy to be able to enjoy my dog, that now listens and hunts. points and I'm looking forward to hunting over him this fall. Thanks, Sonny for training my dog and showing me how to be in control of Chance.

- Herman N.

Sonny has been a great Mentor and friend for last couple years now! His knowledge about dogs and his ability to coach and teach is hard to compare! This past winter I sent my German Shorthair to South Texas with Sonny and I'm extremely happy with the whole experience and would highly recommend Hay Creek Kennel for any service they offer! They are professional and most of all they treat you like family.

- Jordan W.

Loved that Shannon was able to come and pick up our dog to be boarded, definitely a one of a kind service. My husband was amazed at how quiet it was when we picked up our dog compared to the other kennels we had used. Can't wait to board our dog again!

- Becky P.

I had my pup at Hay Creek for a couple of weeks this summer. I was thoroughly impressed not only with my pup's development, but in the time that Sonny took to explain the methodology and why it is effective, and his philosophy on dogs in general. I would recommend Hay Creek to anyone who is committed to raising a confident well-rounded hunting companion.

- Jeremy T.