Puppy Development

Puppy development is the first step in our training program and the most important thing that you will do for your bird dog to prepare them for formal training.  Puppy development is about exposure, being allowed opportunities to learn, and creating good habits. 


Bird Introduction

Introduction to both pigeon and quail. Your dog will start using the scent of the birds while hunting rather than depending on their sight. Your dog will identify cover and where to go to find birds.  Exposure to varied cover at this stage prevents your dog from becoming overwhelmed in future situations in the field. Bird Introduction gets your dog excited about hunting and efficient with their nose.


By having the experience of being with a group of dogs of all ages, your puppy will learn to become a healthy pack member. He will now look to you for direction and guidance. This step also promotes success when hunting with other dogs in the future.



Gun Introduction

When done properly, gun introduction is very simple.  Once a puppy is accustomed to birds and constantly thinking about birds we gradually introduce gunfire.  Because your puppy is intent on finding and chasing birds, the noise of the gun does not negatively impact them and becomes an enjoyable part of the experience.

Chain gang

The Chain Gang starts the process of building the point of contact on your dogs neck. Your dog will associate the resistance with the chain rather than you. Used correctly, the chain gang is a great spot for a dog to learn. Once your dog is calm, it means they are ready to work! The chain gang is similar to a desk for children.  It helps your dog begin to gain focus as well as develop patience and compliance.