Hay Creek Kennel's approach to obedience starts with the owner. We believe that that if the owner understands what the dog is trying to say to them, they will be better prepared to enforce rules. 


Come... Come! No COME HERE! ARGHHH...

Wouldn’t it be great if your dog would:

  • Walk by your side without tugging your arm out of socket?
  • Come when called?
  • Greet visitors without jumping on them?
  • Pay attention to you despite distractions?
  • Stay off your kitchen counters?
  • Allow the groomer to clip their hair or nails?
  • Never bolt out the front door again?
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Hay Creek Kennel, LLC provides one-on-one instruction with owners to teach you how to change the behaviors you don’t find desirable in your dog. You’ll begin to have a clear understanding of how your dog reacts to you and your training methods. For example, leaning against you, stepping on your feet and body checking. You will be able to teach him to be a subordinate, and to follow your commands to a tee. Your dog can be the type of dog that your friends and relatives will like to be around.


Dog obedience training is the foundation to a great working relationship with “mans best friend”. Once your dog has become obedient you are ready to follow whatever avenue you may have chosen for him. Whether it’s showing in a ring, hunting, agility or simply hanging out with the family-- obedience is key.