Home visits are both extremely rewarding and beneficial for us to provide for you.  This is our way of reaching out to educate and assist you on any issues that are happening in the home.  From Great Danes to Chihuahuas, we are willing to work with any breed.

The goal of the home visit is to show you how to build a healthy relationship based on pack behavior, so that you may understand why your dog may be acting the way they do and how you can go about managing the situation. 


The important concept that we want you to gain from a home visit is that it is not always the case of “fixing” a problem, but more importantly about identifying the issue and what is causing that specific action. 

We will provide you with tools and knowledge on how dogs think and respond; therefore, giving you ways to manage and improve the situation.  From our experience working with the public’s dogs, we can safely say that 90% of the behavioral issues that cause these problems are created by the people. Through education we will provide you with the confidence in your ability to better handle your dog in your home.


(includes: 2 hour visit, command lead and follow-up phone calls)